Vandergrift Artfest


Michelle’s Poppin’ Paparazzi

A few months ago I had to have hip surgery. Being off from my regular job got boring and with only 60% of my income coming in, I knew I had to do something to make up the difference. I had always loved buying Paparazzi Jewelry for myself but had never thought about selling it. […]

Hunt and Gather Style Design Studio

Export, PA is my latest home where I create pieces that celebrate the exotic and the fascination of found objects. Some pieces are from my love of vibrant colors in nature. Other pieces are reclaimed and recycled into a renewed style with a modern edge. My creations imbues happiness and energy that enhances the wearer’s […]

Kelly’s $5 Bling

Hi everyone! Welcome to Kelly’s $5.00 Bling! I am here to share with you some amazing affordable quality jewelry! I LOVE this product. I started selling Paparazzi because everyone should be able to have fun affordable fashion! For years I asked my husband for fun jewelry for gift giving holidays and he NEVER bought it. […]

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