Vandergrift Artfest

General Registration Information

We are so grateful that Artfest has grown in size so much over the past few years. We are limited with how far we can stretch the space available to us, however, so this year we are planning to institute what is known as a “juried” registration process. If you are interested in being an artisan, food vendor, or a participating business or non-profit organization, you may fill out the participation application beginning on January 2, 2023. The Artfest Jury will review each application and then provide you with one of three decisions within a few days. These decisions are:

  1. We are unable to offer you a space for Artfest this year.
  2. We are happy to accept you for the 2023 Artfest.
  3. You have been placed on the waiting list for the 2023 Artfest.

If you have been ACCEPTED to the 2023 Artfest, you will be provided with a PayPal link to make payment for your spot (when applicable). If you have not provided payment by April 1, 2023, your spot will be relinquished to someone who is on the waiting list. Your name will then be moved to the waiting list, and if we still have space at the time that you make payment, you will be given a spot. If no spots remain, we will refund your payment.

If you are on the WAITING LIST, this might be for several reasons. We may have already filled our 120 available spaces, or your work/product may not meet the optimal quality/creativity goals of the festival. If spaces remain on April 1, we will review the waiting list and offer spots to those on that list.

If we did not accept you fo the Festival it is most likely because your product is related to a MLM company, or does not meet the quality and creativity levels desired for the event.


* Outdoor Artist/Artisans spaces are approximately 12 X 12 but tents must be no bigger than 10- in order to provide movement space around your display.  When planning your display, limit your space to 10X10 dimensions to make sure you fit.  Indoor spaces are 9X9 in order to accommodate 8’ tables.  Only fine art (photography, painting, sculpture, etc.) may register for an indoor space.

** Because of lack of available outdoor power sources, electricity is not being offered as an option for this year’s festival. If you need a power source we recommend renting an inverter (quiet) generator from a home improvement store.

Rules of the Artfest

Artisans and vendors must be present for the entire duration of Artfest from noon to 9 pm.

Each artist and vendor will be assigned an arrival and set up time and will be assigned spaces based on the desired arrival time: 8 am to 8:30 am, 8:45 to 9:15 am, and 9:30 am to 10 am. Participants must do a quick unload and then move their vehicles to the vendor parking area. At the end of the day artists and vendors will be dismissed by sections. Generally load out is completed within one hour of festival close.

Artisans and vendors are required to have appropriate liability coverage. Single day insurance is available in partnership with Artfest.

All fire codes, laws, ordinances, and regulations will be strictly observed. Nothing shall be affixed to public property. Vendors must provide a method to securely anchor their tent/display in case of inclement weather and wind. Weights of at least 40 pounds are suggested.

Vendors are to sell only those items listed on their application and approved by the Artfest. Non-compliance will result in removal from the festival. Food and beverage for immediate consumption may only be sold by authorized food vendors.

Sales of raffle tickets or games of chance are only permitted if pre-approved by Artfest. Those requesting to do a raffle must provide proof of small games license.

Artfest Committee will select and limit the vendors selling like products of arts, crafts, merchandise,food, or beverage. Please list all that you plan to sell on this application.

Food vendors must meet local and state food handling laws and requirements and have paid necessary permit fees. Copies of permits and insurance are required for food vendors. Food vendor menus must be displayed with prices clearly marked.

Those working in vendor booths are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. No tolerance will be given to those who interfere with the operation of another vendor's space.

Material of a mature subject matter may be asked to be removed from public display at the discretion of the Artfest Committee. Vandergrift Artfest is not responsible to damage of person or property of vendors participating in Artfest.

Registrants cancelling their reservation prior to June 30, 2023 will be provided with a full refund minus a $5 cancellation fee.

Select the proper application below:

If registrations are closed in the category that interests you, message our Artfest Facebook page to see if a spot may be available due to a cancellation. Thanks!