Vandergrift Artfest

We are grateful that the Vandergrift Artfest has grown into a respected regional event. Because the spaces that we have available are limited, in 2023 we want to really showcase those who are creating true maker made products. For this reason, no MLM companies will be accepted for this year’s Festival. Items must be made or created by the artisans exhibiting at the festival. When it is necessary to use commercially produced materials to complete the work, these components must be subordinated to the artistic interpretation of the finished product. For example, commercially produced fabric may be used in the creative process, but the final product of a wall hanging, quilt, or clothing items must be the creative work of the artisan applying to exhibit. Please see the section about the application process for the details of this year’s juried application process.

Insurance Requirements for Artists and Non-Food Vendors

In recent years, our application form has simply included a check-box where artists and vendors have been able to indicate that they have the necessary liability insurance required for participation.  It doesn’t surprise us to find out that some of our artists have not actually had insurance coverage.  For those making very limited money on their art, the expense of insurance seems like an overwhelming burden.

At a recent festival in Vandergrift, however, we witnessed first-hand the rapid devastation that can occur from an unexpected weather disaster.  This experience has caused us to talk with a number of insurance and legal professionals, to determine the best way to move forward with making sure that all of our participants have the coverage that is needed.  The requirement of liability coverage takes the worry out of a festival visitor being injured by your flying tent or artwork in the event of a sudden storm.  A festival visitor can also hold a vendor liable for a trip and fall injury that takes place within your tent space.  While these situations are unusual, they can create a significant financial burden, and liability coverage will protect you from that.

While we are still exploring options (such as a lower cost group policy), we are not sure that such options will be viable.  So at this time, we are requiring all registrants to be able to provide documentation of insurance coverage by the day of Artfest.  We hope that you don’t look at this as a barrier, but rather as a safety net that will protect you, the Artfest, and the Borough of Vandergrift in the event of a disaster.

There are many paths to securing the needed insurance coverage.  If you have homeowners or renter’s insurance, you may contact your insurance agent to discuss adding coverage for your festival work to your plan.  Depending on what you make and sell, this might be the most affordable option.

At this time, the least expensive option that Artfest can provide for you is the opportunity to include liability coverage with your registration for the day for an additional $25.00.  This will provide liability coverage just for the day of Artfest.  If you want to make use of this option, please select “Registration with Insurance” when you complete the application form.

If you participate in multiple festivals or events each year, we encourage you to consider annual coverage that provides not just liability insurance, but coverage for some loss of your products/inventory in the case of a storm or the like.  The State Farm Insurance Office in Vandergrift has put together an annual policy to offer local artists that can be paid for monthly, at a cost of less than $25 per month.  Such a plan is the best option to protect yourself and others.  Call them at (724) 567-1555 to learn more or to register.  Similar plans may be available through other agents.  Simply tell your agent that you are looking for an annual policy for artists attending festivals that will provide liability coverage and some coverage for loss or damage to your inventory.

If this policy changes or we come up with additional options, we will contact all who have applied for Artfest to advise you of these options.  We are committed to providing a safe and responsible Artfest for all involved.